Privacy policy

General, part of Dimat B.V., respects the privacy of all users of the website (hereinafter referred to as "the website"). considers the careful handling of personal data very important. therefore guarantees that the personal data they obtain will be treated confidential by them conform the General Data Protection Regulation (EU Regulation) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and Council dated 27 April 2016. processes personal data that is provided by the user himself, when:

  • Concluding a so-called user agreement or taking out a package or subscription with, or a purchase agreement;
  • Having mail contact;
  • Registering through the website for the receipt of newsletters. offers a gaming platform for users through the website. Users can register on the website whereby personal data is provided by the user. This concerns the first and last name and age of the user, the e-mail address of the user and a self-chosen username and password.

Users can upgrade their account to a paid account by taking out a so-called package or subscripting. In the context of executing the packages and subscriptions the relevant user will provide payment details. The services of an external payment provider will be used for this, depending on the payment method chosen by the user. The relevant payment provider processes the payment details of the user to be able to carry out payments in the context of packages and subscriptions.

Users of the website can use a number of privacy settings under their account. For example, the user can indicate whether certain personal data will be invisible, visible for any visitor of the website or only for other registered users. This concerns for example scores that have been achieved.

All personal data that the user provides through the website or otherwise, or changes under his account, will be processed by for the purposes for which the user has provided this. For example if the user registers on the website and then possibly takes out a subscription or packages, the personal data specified in this context will only be used to execute the user agreement, the package or subscription that the user has taken out with If the user orders products at, the personal data provided in that context will be used to deliver the order to the user. If the user, for example, contacts for questions or complaints, the personal data provided by the user in this context will only be processed by to deal with the relevant request of the user.

In the context of executing an agreement concluded between and a user, the personal data specified by the user may be shared with third parties that are involved in the execution of the relevant agreement, for example a transport company or supplier to be appointed by to deliver products to the user, but also an online payment provider for the handling of payments through the website.

The aforementioned processing of personal data is allowed by law based on the fact that the user has given implicit or explicit permission for this, or based on the fact that the processing is necessary to execute an agreement concluded between the user and or the request of the user to conclude such an agreement. "Agreement" in this respect must be seen in a broad sense. For example, any registration for the receipt of newsletters will also be marked as 'agreement'.

In addition, processes personal data on the so-called legal ground "justified interests". Justified interests include for example tracing illegal and/or criminal conduct (or attempts thereto) aimed at or third parties, for example in connection with the use of the website. Furthermore, justified interests also include the processing (as well as the storage) of personal data by the hosting provider of, to be able to operate the website and e-mail facilities of and to share personal data with an administration office to be able to organise the administration and bookkeeping of

It applies in all cases the only employees of authorised thereto have access to personal data of the user and only insofar as this is necessary to perform their duties. This also applies for third parties to whom provides personal data as described above. will under no circumstances sell any personal data. The people for whom is responsible, as well as third parties engaged by, are obliged to respect the confidentiality of the personal data of the user. Insofar as outsources the processing of personal data to a third party, will take the necessary steps to guarantee that the personal data of the user if properly protected. Such steps include, if and insofar as required by law, the use of a processor agreement with such receivers to ensure that they will take the same or similar technical and organisational measures as, so the personal data of the user is properly protected.

Google Analytics collects data for research in order to get a better insight into the use of the website by the visitors/users thereof. uses Google Analytics for this to help analyse the way that the website is used. Google Analytics uses "cookies", text files that are stored on the device of the user/visitor to anonymously collect logbook data of the behaviour of the user/visitor on the website. The IP address of the user will however be masked, a processor agreement has been concluded with Google Analytics and no data is forwarded to additional Google services.

User's rights

The user has the right to request to review, delete and rectify his personal data as well as to limit the processing of his personal data. Furthermore, the user has the right to object against the processing and the user is entitled to data portability. Insofar as the processing of personal data is based on the permission obtained from the user, the user always has the right to withdraw this permission, without this affecting the lawfulness of the processing based on the permission before this was withdrawn. The user has the right to submit a complaint to the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens (Dutch Personal Data Authority) or in case the user lives outside the Netherlands, to the supervisory authority in his country.

Storage of personal data only stores personal data as long as this is necessary for the purposes for which this has been obtained. implements appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect personal data from loss or any type of unlawful processing. These measures guarantee, considering the current state of technique and the costs of the implementation, an appropriate level of protection given the risks that are involved in the processing and the nature of the personal data to be protected. The measures are also aimed at preventing the unnecessary processing of personal data.


For questions regarding this privacy policy or questions or complaints about the processing of personal data of the user by, the relevant user can contact will gladly help the users if they have questions or complaints about the processing of personal data of the user by or if the user wants to change or delete the personal data.